Terrain Vogue

The Terrain Vogue; the geo-political condition of the fashionscape
Fashion is the great war. A war raging over a battered and undefined no man's land. New human waves pass across it in vain.
      The fashionscape may be a terrain which seems "smooth" on the maps of the strategists, but is a microstriated topography for those in the trenches. Over the land, a deadly wind of the killing culture. Hidden in the craters and trenches are small pockets of hand-to-hand combat, the petty skirmishes of the subcultures where new tactics are tested.
      The Terrain Vogue is the arena for social and symbolic warfare, the desire to conquer, to rule, to seek dominion over the social realm. A storm of hate rolls over the barbwire, an undefeatable iron will; to be in charge, to be popular, to have the full social dominance.
Ceaseless violence. For every new season, a new human wave, a new assault, a new collection of beautiful weapons. The poor, bogged down amongst the corpses of the previous waves who tried to reach the opposite lines of beauty, attraction, allure. Victory, as unreachable as the horizon.
No possibility for solitude, every action coordinated through the line-of-command. For those sticking up their heads too high, shots ring out through the empty voids.
Fashion is the great war. The frontiers, the prisons of fashion.
For every new season, the same promise. A fashion to end all fashions. An endless war of attraction.


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TerrainVogue book

Terrain Vogue, or, Fashion: The Great War, 2014. Paperback book, (5 x 0.1 x 8 in.) unlimited edition.