>Syntax/144 is an open method for a radical democratic fashion magazine. It is breaking the interpassive communication syntax of the fashion system. It is a channel for free speech and visual multitudes and mutations subverting the hierarchical structures in fashion’s transmissions of meaning.
>Syntax/144 is a symbiotic method embracing a synergetic and open programming of fashion activism. It is an exploration in how other modes of production might create wider multitudes of fashion promoting local talent, flows and expressions.
>Syntax/144 is not an anti-fashion statement but instead contributing to complementary paths of fashionable existence supporting local skin close activism and a free code of social identity interface production.
>Syntax/144 is a copyleft production opening a field of free expression in fashion media.

the code war of fashion

Method for creating a Syntax/144 magazine:
> Gather a group of local actors in fashion.
> Let all participants make a double sided, A3, black and white fashion statement (have a 20mm marginal at edges to be cut away later, but let pictures flow over this marginal!).
> Set a deadline when all participants should bring their contribution in 144 copies.
> Gather for assembly; shuffle the pages for every magazine except the cover. Every copy will be different!
> Cut the magazines 20mm from the edge to erase white border on paper from the copy machine.
> Number each copy.
> Divide equal amount of copies between participants.
> Parasite on other magazines and lines of distribution by placing your copies inside other magazines in local shops, boutiques or libraries.
download method [pdf] | download issue1 (malmo) [pdf] 2,6Mb

parasitic/symbiotic examples: