A project on sartorial surgery and garment dissections using non-intervention in the realm of the clothed body. Looking at redefining the core of garment production – the pattern the methodology is to gently unstitch the garments and put them back together into new forms.
Just as in reverse engineering and hacking we look at the interaction between hard- and software pieces of the garments, the building blocks of their behavior and form to open them for further reshaping and spin offs.
By unstitching garments, revealing their inner structure and pattern and reusing them into new shapes adressing the core of the visual aspects in identity production but also into the realm of the second skin.
A Frankenstein inspired methodology of reverse tailoring.
booklet download, screen version [pdf 1mb]
Project and exhibition at Draakon Gallery, Tallinn, September 2004.
by Sirja-Liisa Vahtra and Otto von Busch.
Photos (top & right) by Andres Teiss.

Photos (bottom left) by Juergen Staack.