passion system

The Passion System
The Passion System is the fashion desiring machine. The system serves to make socially constructed differences and inequalities appear natural and even agreeable. Through the Passion System socially produced distinctions are dispersed throughout the social, permeating every meaning and relationship with the “laws of passion”.


We happily deem others by their looks, judge each other by visual currency: "in" or "out", "right" or "wrong", "friend" or "enemy", fashion asks to be judged, and with it, the wearer. This reproduces a culture endorsing the spread of violent microaggressions of pascism as the new black. We strive upwards, but there is no more room at the top.
The fashion desiring machine is a distributed apparatus, a device that fragments the world, cuts the shared world apart into discrete parts, with every part reproducing another layer of manifested elitism, exclusion and micro-fascism. Yet, from a local perspective, each part may be seen as empowering, and thus effectively veiling the mechanics of systemic oppression enacted through the machine.
Thus the desiring machine of fashion is a productive machine, it is a factory of affect, of passion, a social machine that sorts and compartmentalizes the social plasma into hierarchies of beauty, value, attention and all functions validate positional experiences according to wealth. Each discrete part of the machine is driven a by an instance of a “will to fashion”, the pleasurable experience of being seen, appreciated, adores, which most often in consumer society manifests itself in the experience of acquiring fashionable goods, incorporating these symbolic goods into a performed identity. Spinning on the wheels of the very human desire for imitating what we adore, fashion appears as a essential process of life in the liberal and socially meritocratic attention economy. Every part reproduces systemic and hierarchical desire as a passionate enactment of an individual "will to fashion."
Every part also contains a reverse force of forgetting, where the functions of the device cut off every social bond and commitment beyond the commitment to the economy of fashion itself. No function has a window to the other, thus reproducing a multiverse of forgetfulness, a true oppressive machine of schizo-fetishes. Unable to see how the discrete parts interacts into a passionate micro-fascism, every participant in the machine experiences only empowerment, at the unseen costs experienced by others.
Thus everybody can keep on consuming without guilt: “Because I am worth it!”


The passion system if a machines driving other machines, machines being driven by other machines, with all the necessary couplings and connections. Fashion as machine that continually reproduces the ideal of beauty, and the body is a machine producing its self-esteem by the ideals of fashion. A coupling similar to how the breast is a machine that produces milk, and the mouth is machine coupled to it.
Our social relations are aesthetic eating-machines, continuously judging each other by looks and our ability to keep up with the consumerist ideals. The media vision-machine feeds into the mirror-machine, coupling every self-image to the images of desire, the images of the zeitgeist, the image-machine of fashion; all the time, as flows and interruptions of imitations, of social repetitions.
Every part,
a little machine,
a little war.
Every part,
reproducing a little schizo,
a passionate micro-fascist.
The Passion System is a mapping of the micro-forces that reproduce the passion for power throughout the consumer system, the fashion desiring machine. The book maps out some of the main mechanisms and elements which produces pascism and amplifies the "will to fashion" within the politics of fashion.
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