Fashion is over! (if you want to)
[a Christmas greeting in the tradition of John and Yoko]
The opposite of the fashionable is not the unfashionable.
The opposite of fashion is not unfashion.
Imagine people say, “I have enough, I am happy as I am. I don’t think I’ll buy another fashionable garment. I have had enough of aesthetic competition.”
Imagine people say, “I have had enough of feud and strife, enough of haughty innovation, restless vanity and symbolic warfare.”
People lay down their arms, free from fear of violence; secure, content, and calm in heart. Tranquil, in harmony, reconciled with ambition, antagonisms and rivalry. The chains broken, the chain stores shut, people crying happy tears. The blood machines turned off. Suffering no more, it has left us.
People cut up their fashion into baby blankets, and turn their needles into fishing hooks: rivals no longer snuff each other out, neither do they learn war any more. Under the vine and fig trees, let the weak say, I am strong.
People finally put an end to the division between master and slave and work for the happiness of community and humanity, and call out: “Let us satisfy our thirst for life, for happiness, for liberty, that we have never quenched.”
If we worked towards peace, instead of fashion, then there would be a life in happiness, brotherhood, and prosperity for all. It begins with a smile, in the honest recognition of another; to know life together in all its fullness, as an intensity we cannot experience alone.
I believe you. I see you. Forgive me. We deserve peace.
The opposite of fashion is not unfashion.
The opposite of fashion is peace.



Fashion is Over (If You Want It), 2015. Monochrome Digital Print and downloadable PDF, unlimited edition


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Fashion is Over (If You Want It), 2015. Acrylic Screenprint on 160g Mixed Media Paper, signed limited edition