- What is Communiqlo?
Communiqlo is a conceptual and spiritual revolution for fashion and was manifested in a collaborative workshop held at Parsons the New School for Design (New York). The outcome of the workshop was a zine, rendering possible approaches to inclusive fashion visible and discussable, however abstract they might be.
- What is Communiqlo?
One could say Communiqlo is the opposite of a fashion brand which would offer "unique clothes". Instead of the illusion of the unique, Communiqlo offers true spiritual community. Fashion offers only a temporary shelter from harsh environments such as weather, competition or social anxiety.Contrary to this, Communiqlo offers the relief from suffering.
Today, fashion is a toxicant. Fashion is steeped into the three poisons of greed, aversion and delusion - three powerful forces essential in consumer culture and today's social life. With the "democratization" of fashion, these poisons have also seeped into the everyday mind of those with modest means. With fast fashion and ubiquitous access to fashion media the suffering of dissatisfaction bleeds into the mind of everyone. We are craving for what we do not have, and grasping onto the faint and ephemeral illusion of social appreciation that fashion offers us is like an addictive stimulant. Fashion is a drug for everyone, for anyone longing for a popular identity or "unique clothes", and it is creating evermore suffering; craving, attachment, and aversion.


Communiqlo instead reverses desire, and releases the mind and body from the poisons. It is a fashion of generosity, compassion, and understanding - or forgiveness, blessing, and truth. Communiqlo is an insurgency against the causes of suffering and confusion magnified by fashion and the image-industry.
> Communiqlo understands what reality is
> Communiqlo cultivates a life in a wise and compassionate way
> Communiqlo speaks the truth
> Communiqlo acts with honesty and sober integrity
> Communiqlo works in a nonharmful way
> Communiqlo fosters the skills of heart and mind
> Communiqlo mindfully brings awareness to each moment
> Communiqlo embraces the impermanent unfolding of the present

can you buy life?

Instead of fostering passivity and surplus powerlessness, attaching all hope to the fashion system, Communiqlo inspires to revolt. It gets people inspired to act, to take on their life seriously and get beyond their stimulating/dreaming dependence on fashion. Communiqlo is for the creation of a grounded self-image, self-esteem and empathy.
Fashion is triggered by social strife and conflicts-of-cool. It exposes and exaggerates social inequalities, fuelling them in order to produce commodities of power, popularity and obsession. Communiqlo is instead a heartful weapon of compassion, a subversive situational response to the world by acting out with loving-kindness.
Communiqlo is a gift, an action that is consumed or sacrificed by the very act giving. It is an act which binds together. A spiritual offering and a social bond, a craft ceremony of shared compassion and a capability cultivation through the exchanging act of heartfulness.
The gift of Communiqlo is a ceaseless circulation of compassion, a special attention to the social bonds knitted together by shared hope and loving-kindness, a circulating momentum of mindful blessing among peers. It doesn't elevate differences, nor does it cover them, but it releases tension, builds understanding. It is also a platform for social action, supporting the capacities built towards justice. Communiqlo is at the heart of a spiritual revolution. Communiqlo is a manifestation of hope, a craft across the river of bliss.
- I still don't get it; What is Commuiqlo?
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