>> Selfpassage is an artistic endeavour, fashion brand and research practice, initiated by Otto von Busch, based on collaborative work practices and the orchestration of self-organized processes.
The projects under selfpassage are practical articulations of issues found at within the infra-politics of fashion, in the tensions between material and myth, draping and discourse, seduction and savagery, thread and theory, fashion and justice, idol and enemy, exclusion and inclusion. Resonating themes are the relations and interfaces between designer, producer and consumer, and how these positions can be examined and renegotiated.
The projects of selfpassage take polyphonic perspectives to explore new vistas and reveal other fashion topographies and action spaces for fashion liturgy and craft collaboration. The selfpassage designer is a homo viator, a traveler or journeyman, meandering along new stretches of imagination, proposing what fashion can be. To paraphrase Ruskin; "Fancy plays like a squirrel in its circular prison, and is happy; but imagination is a pilgrim on the earth - and her home is heaven." A pilgrim, or Peregrinus in Latin, meaning one from abroad, a stranger, foreigner, traveler, while in temporary exile brings a fresh perspective on the surroundings. Imagination, an affirmative and seductive play with the possible, may recircuit the forces of fashion into something else than today's circular prison of anxious-driven consumption.
Otto teaches integrated design at Parsons the New School for Design in New York. He holds a PhD in design from the School of Design and Craft at University of Gothenburg, Sweden and was previously professor in textiles at Konstfack, Stockholm.
Other positions include secretary of the Institute for Strategic Sloyd, operator of OpenSloyd, publisher of Rage Against the Sage Press, and member of Black Fashion Bureau and roomservices.
Selfpassage Press also publishes the works of Ralf Wronsov of The Current State of Fashion.
contact selfpassage office at: otto.von.busch >at< gmail >dot< com