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0801: The Poetics of the Derrière-garde
0802: Upcycling fashion, Upfashioning craftsmanship
0803: A Short History of Design and Do-it-yourself
0804: and the Game of Fashion
0901: Re-shaping the flows of fashion
0902: Designing self-organization, designing transactions
0903: Micro-utopian seeds for change
0904: Revisiting Affirmative Design
0905: Where are the Fashion Service Systems?
0906: The Green Garden of Forking Paths
1001: Designing for Interdependence
1002: Design from Zero to One
1003: Designers against Overlock!
1004: Re-examining the Politics of Design
1005: Design at the Front
1101: A Copernican revolution in design?
1102: Provoking the future
1103: The Gift of Design
1104: Strategic aesthetics for social design
1105: Can the subaltern craft?
1201: "Open" and the streamlining of consumerism
1202: Designing capabilities
1203: Capability literacy
1204: Love in the age of design
1205: Design, congestion and pollution
1301: Sustainability and "Passive Fashion"
1302: User or Used - Some Dilemmas of Participatory Design
1303: Conflict Management and Can Openers
1304: Collaborators, Partisans and the Management of Consent
1305: Strategic Objects and Civic Crafts
1401: The Purgatory of Design
1402: The Two Hands and the Limits of Empowerment
1403: The Realpolitik of Design
1404: Design and Conflict
1405: Empowered and addicted by design
1501: Form Follows Function?
1502: 100% Change
1503: Design, Enlightenment, Courage
1504: Something rotten in design
1505: “Open” - in what end?
1601: Design and the Locus of Control
1602: Engineering, Design and Power
1603: Three Faces of Facilitation
1604: Design After Progress
1605: Social Design: Between Interests and Values
1701: User-friendliness and Akratic Design
1702: Design Displacements
1703: Slow Design and the Chronopolitics of Progress
1704: Beyond Design Lilliputianism
1705: Fashion in the bardo
1801: Changing Worlds and Action Spaces
1802: Participatory design and the authoritarian drift
1803: Design in the Chain of Being