Selfpassage explores how fashion can be used for empowerment, self-development and personal as well as collective growth, instead of being a phenomenon of decrees and coercive anxiety. By the means of engaged fashion practices, selfpassage tries to bend the powers of fashion to achieve a positive personal and social condition with which the Everyperson is free to grow to their full potential in an energetic sense of aliveness.
self passage intro

general themes:
- // artistic and practice-based research, and other speculative texts //
articles, text, papers, PhD
XXI design columns
- // columns for design magazine XXI on socially engaged design, civic crafts and creative DIY culture//
short essays
- // short recycling manuals exploring the basics of fashion hacktivism //
recycling cookbooks
- // selfpassage and other projects //
about selfpassage

- // a biosocial perspective on fashion //
orgone, flirting and feral fashion
- // a museum to dress and discarded dreams //
dynamics of rejection in dress
- // a seasonal gazette for fashion reimagined //
deep emancipation for fashion
- // fashion phantasies incarnated //
fashion phantom limb and prosthesis
- // the dark allure and carnal knowledge of fashion //
witchcraft, affect, pornorealism
- // the opposite of fashion is peace //
imagine fashion peace
- // an inquiry into the forces that serve and protect the order of style //
fashion obedience and order
- // heathen mythologies on the brutal origins of fashion //
the gods of dress
- // a site for refuge and critical fashion pedagogy //
the craft of fashion resistance
Gillis Görll - A Scar of Belonging
- // a look into the works of fashion mystic Gillis Görll and his concept of "façon" //
façon, "weak fashion", mysticism
- // the robes of allure and predation, the fashion-beast, the wolf of trend territories //
the fashion beast, work wear
The Conquest of Fashion
- // from the serfdom of style to the conquest of fashion //
Kropotkin, general economy of fashion
a New Life with Fashion
- // a found xeroxed booklet, discussing the melancholy that crusts fashion, the new life //
sadness, longing, fashion
Terrain Vogue
- // a poetics of the fashion space: a no man's land, an archipelago of fear //
fashion typology, book
The Passion System
- // the everyday dissemination of passionate micro-fascism //
pascism, microaggressions
The Current State of Fashion
- // the current fashion system is a totalitarian state //
inverted totalitarianism, fashion violence
fashion suX
- // the oral history of a sustainable fashion and craft underground movement //
sustainable fashion subculture
- // a transcendent revolution for fashion, a zine of heartfulness //
gift, workshop, zine
taking refuge in restoration
- // spiritual co-creation and restoration of hope in the face of surplus powerlessness //
spiritual restoration, co-creation, zen-of-repair, workshop
community repair
- // strategic social skill mobilization in local communities for sustainable fashion //
repair, community building, workshop, communitas
- // exploring rituals of fashion and para-shamanist shape-shifting //
ritual, shamanism, occulture, alchemy
- // repair kits and commitment to memories - the old promises nothing //
repair, kits, commitment, sustain-ability
- // the hoodie is your habitat, your defiant delight and blazing bling //        
hoodies, local identity, workshop, biosemiotics
fashion finachettos
- // draped maneuvers, fashion functions and using social media for fashion recoding //          
code, social media, reprogramming, appropriation, workshop
fashion proactionary
- // rendering the future discussable through a post-crisis fashion zine //          
sustain-ability, zine, workshop, fashion media
street signs
- // jewelry exposing your favourite street grid, community characters of communication //       
local identity, space syntax, jewelry
other voices
- // stains of the Real; material memories and physical traces of unknown owners //             
second hand, memory, ghosts,alchemy
fashion ohylogenetics
- // a pamphlet discussing a coded approach to the evolution of fashion//     
evolution, imitation
modulations of man
- // the garment as clear code; a collection of pure proportions //         
pattern, code
hackers and haute couture heretics
- // a collaborative project of participation investigating subconstructive fashion strategies //    
hacking, empowerment, workshop
vakko vamps
- // seduction and the instruments of desire at Turkish fashion brand Vakko //      
fashion system, hacking, workshop
dale sko hack
- // hacking interventions in industry exploring post-industrial craft for fashion design //    
fashion industry, dale sko, shoe hacking, workshop, production
loike lahkajad
- // deconstruction and non-violent pattern dissections //   
deconstruction, pattern, ahimsa, workshop
merimetsan alchemy
- // alchemic research in fashion, photography and social therapy //     
fashion production, social therapy, workshop, alchemy
- // engaged design for rehabilitation and training; alternative modes of production //      
fashion production, social therapy, workshop
italyan avlusu
- // the fashion of co-narrative recycling and local skill building //       
recycling, sustain-ability, workshop
syntax 144
- // a collaborative local zine for radical democratic fashion syntax //        
code, zine, workshop, fashion media
heretic couture
- // a discussion concerning fashion as spiritual commitment //      
heresy, hacking, occulture
abstract accessories
- // a collection of toolkits in a trial to dematerialize fashion //     
recycling, hacking, fashion system
disneyland can wait
- // a cookbook of methods for defending the faith in DIY consumer defiance //        
recycling, cookbook, hacking
disneyland can wait lookbook
- // the looks //       
recycling lookbook,
textile punctum
- // embroidery of memory, retracing the contours of recollection //      
memory, embroidery, repair, kit
R/W jewelry
- // Read/Write engagement and design doctrine reform //     
jewelry, code, co-design, kit,
if god won't have me
- // the devil must //        
recycling, film, heresy,
untitled methods for perfect lovers
- // methods for perfect lovers, revealing some paradoxes of passion //      
recycling, cookbook, passion
symbiotic labeling
- // an intervention to label the layers of simulation in fashion //     
fashion system, hacking
through the gait
- // walking meditation through artscapes, or step-by-step zen //     
fashion production, zen
made in tensta
- // taking on the local expressions of community bag design //
local identity, community, co-design
garment license
- // what are the rules and regulations of fashion - the end user license agreement //     
fashion system, code
flag shirt
- // your body is a billboard of identity - nail your colors to the mast //   
local identity, code, recycling
- // DIY celebrity; the curators' clothes kit //    
fashion system, cookbook, kit
ethno mods
- // adding ethnicity to the mass-produced; a sami-boot modifier //      
local identity, kit
2nd skin
- // dermis deconstruction; interface skin/lining/memory //   
recycling, identity
iron on collectables
- // dress update and collectable: new horizons for old garments //    
local identity, kit
fortune teller
- // social design tool #1 for community engagement //    
co-design, community, tool
untitled methods
- // what is street-level design? - the frontiers are my prison (sketch) //