"Tools are instruments by which the hands give material expression to thought. Consequently, such tools should be selected as will best promote physical and mental growth."

Gustaf Larsson: Elementary Slody and Whittling, Boston: Silver Burdett (1907) pp12



OpenSloyd is a modular sloyd system for craft resurgence and open maker culture. Taking on the centennial heritage from Uno Cygnaeus and Otto Salomon, it is a folk school platform for craft literacy, dexterous capacity building, open tool proficiency and maker-culture industriousness.

OpenSloyd facilitates craft remix culture and modular making.

drill protocol

OpenSloyd is built on a simple protocol: 6mm holes and 6mm wooden dowels/pegs/plugs. If two or more holes are made, they should be 20mm apart. The dowels should fit tight, but not be glued into the holes (if the combined pieces are not joined permanently).

Any piece can now be combined with any other, creating emergent modular structures of various craft components. Like a lego or meccano of craft, it is a collaborative endeavor between fellow crafters and users.


modular craft components


The OpenSloyd system is instigated by the Institute for Strategic Sloyd and a program for craft intensification. The OpenSloyd grid is compatible with the OpenStructures geometry, and adjusted for handicraft and educational craft. The aim is to provide an operational platform for open making, conjectural craft, speculative sloyd and combining educative workmanship with open source culture to support tactical household asset mobilization.


open sloyd grid ruler

OpenSloyd is a modular artisan geometry for craft pieces which can be assembled with those of other makers. Each piece is a craft "brick" and can be connected with any other to build dynamic designs, combining elements from many different craft disciplines for new emergent expressions of artfulness. OpenSloyd is a non-loss format for contemporary craft constructivism.

download the openSloyd zine


openSloyd pieces openSloyd chair openSloyd twig


Minimal timeline of recent public OpenSloyd activities:

// 2011 Feb19-20 OpenSloyd prototyping at Malmo Hackathon //

// 2011 June1-12 OpenSloyd experiments at Fiskars AIR, Finland //

// 2011 Nov5-Dec18 OpenSloyd exhibition at Architecture Museum in Stockholm //

// 2013 Aug12-16 OpenSloyd workshop at "You, Me, We and the Tree", Sätergläntan //

// 2013 Oct10-11 OpenSloyd workshop and exhibition at Göteborgs Konsthall //

// 2013 Nov9-Dec4 OpenSloyd at Project Borders, Steneby Konsthall //



instigated by Otto von Busch (selfpassage)
more info at Institute for Strategic Sloyd, grid almost compatible with OpenStructures